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  • Crawling - Ok, so here it goes.  I'm going to crawl through this since this is my first time blogging, complaining or whatever it is i may rant about.  My name is Steve, i'm not a writer by any means.  I'm a guy that grew up in Lodi New Jersey, born out of wedlock to the most amazing unselfish mother a person could ask for.  I'm a father to two amazing daughters, play music, work my ass off and a decent sound and recording engineer.  I believe in growing old (obviously) but i don't believe you have to grow up.  Growing up has a tendency to stop you in your tracks and makes you believe you know everything. I know plenty of grown ups.  You know, the "get off my lawn" type people or the "when i was your age" bullshit.  I have no time for them.  They stopped living when they decided to grow up.  I don't ever want to grow up, i'd rather be a Toys R Us Kid for life.  I still buy records, musical equipment and toys just like i did as a kid.  Unfortunately, i do tend to hold on to emotions and the "what if's" etc., but i'm trying to change all that by getting rid of certain people and things that shouldn't be able to live in my already crowded mind.   Ive been fortunate enough to play in some great bands (Samhain, Danzig) that have made quite an impact and play with some of the greatest musicians that i can call friends, travel around the world and play on stages for thousands of people.  I still get to live out my musical dreams, sometimes financially rewarding and sometimes not. That's the music business.  More on that another time.   I've also been very fortunate to be able to pick and choose my friends and keep a small circle that i can trust.  I go through the up's and downs of life like everyone else but have been blessed to get through them.  Most with scars!  Builds character they say.  Hahaha
  • PoliticsI'm not a political person nor do i want to pretend to be.  I'm neither Republican, Democrat or any other affiliation.  This whole election has certainly divided people, including members of my own family that i had to back away from due to their "grown up" opinions.  I don't want any part of it.  So, if you want to know where I stand, it's on my own two feet.  I believe America is still the land of prosperity and opportunity but I don't buy into voting a president into office.  YES, i vote because it's our freedom to do so, and it makes us feel like we are a Republic and actually have a say.  My belief is that there are super powers (financial institutions, pharmaceutical companies etc.) that have the control on who is in charge.  If you believe your vote really counts, then you also believe that a frail man on dialysis living in a cave in Afghanistan was able to get 19 hijackers to take over 4 planes with box cutters, take down 3 buildings, crash a plane into the Pentagon and into a field and find no wreckage or bodies.  Umm, I don't think so! So yes, i am a conspiracy believer.  THIS IS MY PAGE AND MY OPINION.  I do care about who is put into office, but i don't believe whether it was him or her that got "elected" would have led us down the streets of gold.  I just hope that the issues of healthcare, environmental and the economy can somewhat be put on the right track by the super powers. I believe you can affect local government outcomes and maybe one day i'll run for council or mayor to liven things up a bit.   I'm glad the citizens of the world decided to wake up and express their feelings about our new president.  I think it's a great thing only if you plan on doing something to change it rather than complain on social media to your friends.  And by the way, when you're done with your marches and protesting, pick up your shit rather than just leave it laying on the ground for someone else to clean up.  So much for the environment.   That's my political rant and contribution.  I've said too much!
  • So, that's about it for now.  I'll be back shortly!  You can count on it.  If you don't like it, don't come back!